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Common Ground is a production company founded in 2022 at the University of Michigan which specializes in music events. Common Ground is also me and four of my closest friends. All five of us are music obsessed, arts adjacent people who saw a hole in the Ann Arbor music scene. We started small with DJs and house parties, but have managed to grow our network among local artists. Our goal is to spread art and music for the love of art and music.


Coming up with these crazy ideas then suffering the consequences of preparing for said ideas with my best friends has been the greatest joy of my college career. A testament to my 20s and working hard for the love of it. 


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Since we began two years ago, my role in Common Ground has been that of a creative director. I'm at every show with a camera, designing posters and marketing campaigns for shows, setting stages. I have gotten to build the world of Common Ground from scratch alongside my partners. Featured here is some of my favorite work I've done for Common Ground. 




From the Common Ground Archives

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